Nela Black Edition Corner Trowel

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Nela Black Edition Corner Trowel

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Nela Black Edition Steel Internal Corner Trowel – 103 Degrees The Nela Black Edition steel Internal corner trowel is equipped with a 103 degrees blade which is designed for strength and robust, whilst maintaining a slight flex allowing the trowel to adjust to various different angled corners.

This trowel is equipped with a comfortable BiKo Soft grip which is designed to provide maximum comfort and reduce fatigue when used for extended periods of time, this grip is also fitted with a finger protection point.

The blade is manufactured from stainless steel to provide maximum durability and increase the overall lifetime of the tool.

Not only this but the blade is finished with all 4 corners rounded to provide the best possible finish.

Features: Comfortable BiKo Soft Grip Finger protection grip Robust Stainless steel blade Rounded corners for the best finish Specifications: 103° degrees